Writing Contest and Celebratory Reading

WritingContestFlyer2019_Final to postTopic: I AM AMERICAN

Both the Writing Contest and High School Senior Scholarship are open to the public and not limited to Sharon residents.

Contest Guidelines

  • All genres accepted: memoir, fiction, poetry, essay
  • 500 word maximum
  • Type, font size 12 or handwritten
  • No photos or illustrations
  • Content is more important than style.


  • Age 18 or older: include name, address, phone number, and email.
  • Age 17 and younger: include name, age, grade, address, phone number and email. If your entry is a winner, parental consent is required for publication.
  • NEW THIS YEAR: High School Senior $250 Scholarship sponsored by Whitney Place. Include name, age, school, address, phone number and email.

How to Submit

Email your personal narrative to obotsharon@gmail.com.

  • Subject line must state: I AM AMERICAN contest.
  • For High School Senior Scholarship entries, subject line must state: I AM AMERICAN – SCHOLARSHIP ENTRY. College application or enrollment is not required.
  • Type your narrative in the email itself. Attachments will NOT be opened.


    • Submit by US mail to: I AM AMERICAN Contest, 1267 Bay Road, Sharon, MA 02067
    • High School Senior Scholarship entries submitted by US mail must state “SCHOLARSHIP ENTRY” below your name.


All entries must be received by Monday, April 15, 2019.

Celebratory Readings and Awards

Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 2:00 – 4:00 PM. Whitney Place, 675 South Main Street.

Winners will read their I AM AMERICAN entries. As time allows, others may read their submissions.


  • $250 Scholarship Award for one High School Senior sponsored by Whitney Place
  • Barnes & Noble gift certificates for other categories
  • Publication online at www.onebookonetown.org
  • Recording of winning stories by Sharon Community Television



Check out 2018 winners: Unconditional Love Writing Contest Winners and Submissions


First Place 

To My Unborn Baby Boy by Mindy Levine

I’ll Love You on Sunday by Jodi Tolman

Second Place 

The Giver by Barry Kravitz

Third Place 

Conditioning Book for Flowers by Thu Hang Tran

In Passing by Susan Rich

Honorable Mention:

Midwinter Light by Sandra Churchill

Mom’s Gift by Alice Cusner

Love is Kind by Darcy Daniels

The Bakery by Lisa Delaney

The Most Beautiful Girl by Adelene Ellenberg

Rebecca’s Birth by Lonnie Friedman

Zahava’s Birth by Lonnie Friedman

Love, Dormant, Old by Linda Zoe Podbros

Roger by Herschel Tovsky

In Appreciation:

The Last Man on Earth by Al Mollitor

Creepy Spiders by Caterina Marsilli

Unconditional Love (n) by Allison Herman

Here’s the Thing by John Reilly

Dogs are the Best by Anna Golubev

The Question by Cam Giangrande

For the Love of Books by Moira Silva

Hurl by TJ Herlihy

Amor Vincit Omnia by Alan N. Francis


First Place 

I Loved by CJ Heller

Second Place

Maybe she, like me by Autumn Andrade

Mermaid by Nancy Allen

Third Place

Love is much more like a flame by Ric Calleja

Honorable Mention: 

Love by Elly Day

I am a child by Miriam Leah Epstein-Preil

Another Letter to My Love by Shane Whitman

In Appreciation:

The Sight of Mirrors by David Abrahamson

Dorothea by Russell Maynard

I love you from afar by Kathleen Habel

Wet Wood Burns by Katarzyna Gilek-Seibert

Anagram to my Mom by Phyllis Fine

Snow by Grace Francis

Purest Love of All by Shweta Khadelwal


First place

That Was All That Mattered by Ilana Wulf

2nd place

Unconditional Love by Jayani Suresh

3rd place prose

Unconditional Love by Ranya Merchant

Unconditional Love by Eshel Potok


First place 

Unconditional Love by Benjamin Wulf

Earth and Sun by Lindsay Navick

Second place

Unconditional Love by Adiel Potok