Watch here: Celebratory Reading Ceremony

Student Winners

Lower Elementary

1st Place: 

Rye Silva, grade 2 

Sameer Saxena, grade 3

Middle School


1st place: Rohan Shukla, grade 7

2nd place: Shiara Naveen, grade 8

3rd place: Divya Khandelwal, grade 6


1st place: Naman Shukla, grade 7

2nd place: Nidhi Subbaroa, grade 5

3rd place: Christina Zheng, grade 6

3rd place: Zeruiah Papayao, grade 5

Special Friendship Prize 

The Sibling Squad: A Covid Friendship 

Mikira Meyerovitz, grade 7; Max Blumen, Grade 4; 

Eli Kleinman, grade 4; and Amanda Meyerovitz, grade 4

High School


1st place: Yeonhee Lee, grade 10

2nd place: Clara Armon, grade 11


1st place: Victoria Katashev, grade 9

2nd place: Muskan Kumar, grade 12

2nd place: Sonja Gray, grade 10

3rd place: Eva Olszewski, grade 10

Adult Winners

1st place prose and poetry: Linda Zoe Podbros

2nd place prose: Linda Pearce Prestley

2nd place prose: Eileen Brandes Garber

3rd place prose: Adrienne Rosenberg

3rd place prose: Lonnie Friedman

2nd place poetry: Barbara Offeringa

3rd place poetry: Miriam Leah Epstein Priel

Honorable mention

Shirley Stein

Alan Rosenspan

Barbara Offringa